About usOne large family ... guests included

About us

Here's OSKAR, the head of the family. With this former italian ski champion and now ski instructor, you can go skiing once a week...if the weather permits. Put him to the test: Oskar is a wizard in forecasting the weather! But no Joking, he's a real wizard in long downhill descents and après-ski. Trust him completely, and he'll soon come out with a riveting anecdote. Oskar is just like that: his motto is "down with boredom!".

This is CLAUDIA, the heart and soul of Hotel Cosmea. Rumour has it that she knows how to read the desires of her guests just by looking them in the eyes. That's easily belived, seeing how lovingly she has attended to every detail of the Hotel's interior decoration. If you believe in magic, you can surrender your holiday into Claudia's capable hands.

Tobias, Daniela and Theo

Here are the three "angels" who sometimes put the home and garden to severe testing. Tobias is a gras soccer champion and now ski-teacher. Daniela express her artistics and passionate nature by skating on ice and she loves skiing and hiking. Theo instead loves to tell stories...just like his dad, and he loves to play tennis. So what do these three angels have in common? Of course! Great experience in desserts.

This is Grandma KATHI she is a treasure trove of incredibly good secret recipes Sometimes Grandma Kathi reveals some of her secrets. Just try asking her.

And now a special flower; she gives us the name: COSMEA BIPINNATA We have them all the summer around the Hotel with a grand variety of colours from withe to lila

Sipping a coffee ...

... Most of our guests take very little time in finding their favourite spot.

Everyone has their personal way of relaxing ...

... Our environment invites everyone to feel at home.

Calmly read ...

You can find a peaceful spot for playing a game of chess or checkers or calmly read the whole newspaper in a comfy armchair

Meeting Point

By the way...notice that ...

Please feel at home!

Around the house you will find all of the space necessary for your relaxation...

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